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Republican Jesus of HateSTEAL from the Poor GIVE to
Of course...though they seem to care less about one of the 10
The Moment John Boehner Realized That Pope Francis Wants America To.
My mom compares Trump to Archie Bunker all the time. Fun fact: Cartman from South Park's character is loosely based on a child version of Archie Bunker.
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Many who voted for him now realize what a mistake it was but will never admit
Radical Republican Terrorists- These officers, selected from urban and rural areas around the country, said that radicalization from the Middle East was a ...
if this is going to be a Christian nation.They have to stop giving welfare to the rich and help the poor, needy and children
hope PT Trump isn't in the security "defense" business cause if he is he will have to go finda another country to first demonize.spread the propaganda of ...
Every half baked republican dimwit should be carrying a gun at the republican convention. Darwin's
Just one of many reasons why "Conservative" Christianity is against everything Jesus taught! These people and their Trump loving "Evangelical" pals are as ...
Janitors, cashiers, shelf stockers, maids, food servers, day care workers,. Republican ...
Republicans don't give a shit about you until shit happens to them! So, sorry Hillary, you were wrong about extolling Nancy's efforts.
It's all part of the Republican plan: vast wealth, obscene, hoggish wealth,
If you don't want your tax dollars going to help the poor, stop saying you want a country based on Christian values, because you don't - Jimmy Carter
Republican message to women.
Maher, HBO....again, truth to power, speaking.
The democrats and the republicans have invested a lot of time and money in their Congressional
Carson got himself out of poverty. If he can, others can, too.
Republicans at work. Conservatives use their religion as an excuse to deny the humanity of
Joni Ernst wore her Koch Brothers pin for her response to the State of the Union
Jesus goes before modern right wing "Christians" Right Wing, Christopher Hitchens, Social
Bill O'Reilly: Conservative rhetoric no more responsible for Planned Parenthood shooting than I am for George Tiller's murder
This is an illegal use of Federal Funds. Public monies cannot be used to favor any religion, even christianity. Why is he being allowed to do this?
The rich want to pay little in taxes and even less for the work and effort
Republicans are purposefully blocking The American Jobs Act. This would stop rewarding corporations that send
Sorry Jesus, the family values party just defunded fishes and loaves.
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Damn republicans want to cut food stamps, but keep farm subsidies.
Typical GOP response to an obvious fact
Jesus also said rich men cannot get into heaven.. but the sheepeople don't even read their own bible because they actually think God sen…
Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee after last week's primary. Much has been made about his differences with the GOP establishment, ...
Occupy Democrats. Republican JesusFamily ...
Be informed and understand what actually happens in our country. Florence Owens Thompson, Nipomo
I wish those poor states had education for all
Vote the republican war mongers OUT!
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He should be very afraid of Rachel Maddow and her staff of relentless fact checkers. I don't listen to mainstream media very often, but I do tune in for ...
GOP = Party before People. Remember This Folks In November We need to Vote & Send a Clear Message.
(Stop trying to divide us. We all honor our vets and
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😏👌🏿WesleyZ3🦉🍛 on
Exactly! My 2 favorite words from the 2nd amendment are "WELL REGULATED" Assault
How come Republicans only talk about gay marriages, abortion, and Benghazi?
If these quotes are based on facts, this guy is beyond stupid. How do
Just for the record and with no congressional approval..... but when
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It happens because those profitable corporations give large amounts of cash to politicians to turn a blind eye and blame tax deficits on social programs.
Network for Church Monitoring
Republicans don't know how to negotiate, and don't care how many
All you Evangelicals looking for the Anti-Christ ..... Look no
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Truth be told... We must stop those who act like spoiled, selfish
Voter Fraud Commission! Remember that adage about the fox and the henhouse? The fox
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Until recently, Jimmy Carter was widely acknowledged as the most incompetent US president in living memory. So it must have pricked Obama's overinflated ego ...
Where is the money supposed to come from? Certainly not from the poor job creators.
Just in case you think Rand Paul is that hip, cool guy speaking for you
Dana Carvey as 'the church lady' on Saturday Night Live during the
Repukkkes chose greed+theft of taxpayers funds for the Rich vs the people!
Anybody who votes for the Party of Obstruction to Common Sense should be ashamed and not ever do it again!
But they're the "family values" party-quick to regulate everyone else's
The republican government shutdown has taken at least $24 billion out of the United States economy
Let's bail out the banks and give millions to the military industrial complex and millions in. Republican ...
“A rich man's war,a poor man's fight. A wedge issue and f&*k you,I got mine. Barefoot and pregnant. Republican vision of government
That's because Democrats actually try to do important valuable work for the people when they hold office. Republicans spend their terms slamming the ...
Even pretend Jesus knows that. (Frankly, I'm not an expert on
How Obama Outsmarted Republicans And Virtually Guaranteed Victory On The Iran Deal
Trump supporter need to learn the facts. For instance, at least one southern state consistently votes Republican, and has the highest per capita ...
Vote Republicans out! Please vote in every election. We have to defeat Republicans in future elections. A United States ruled by the Koch's would be dismal.
I am sure GOP Republicans will continue to support veterans verbally, it's the cost of
End the republican attack on individual rights. The right to make your own family choices
Donald Trump's religious hypocrisy in flap with pope: Apparently he's only OK with questioning someone's faith when he does it himself
(24) Tomthunkit™ (@TomthunkitsMind) | Twitter Just Go, Bernie Sanders
Has anyone else noticed how hard it is to get politicians to just come out and
GOP LOGIC | Everyone in America having a gun, will make us safer; while
and then think they can tell me what to do with it!
Don't believe all the weak fear-mongering talk from the Republicans.
Throw those Republican Christian terrorist in prison already!! Political
How Rich Pastors Are Getting Richer (While Poor Pastors Stay Poor) - OnFaith Pastor
If unions are so bad, then the lack of unions must be good, right? The evidence says otherwise. As union density went from 35% to 10% over the past 60 years ...
Don't heAr a peep congress just asked to raise the debt ceiling but only
Zero empathy exist on the right today.
give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. give a man religion, ...
Republicans Declare War on the Working Class
I don't always give free will... Religion Humor, Atheist Humor
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Obama was never going to take away guns. He wanted sensible precautions like universal background check, waiting period, license and training, etc.
As a person who has worked in mental health for decades I can personally attest to the fact that the Republicans have gutted the funds from social programs ...
49 Memes to Help Kickstart Your Week
Dear Republicans: Name a single thin that you done to help the middle class,
How religion is used to keep voters captive to corporate ideology: http://
Equality House from my daughter Bean the child psychologist. She is a therapist for autistic
We can not afford to fix our bridges across the country but we can afford to give multi-national corporations billions of tax revenue collected from the ...
Democrats and Republicans Are the Same, Huh?: Voting Rights Act Decision SLAPS That in the Face
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The Democratic Freeloader Economy. "
Robert Reich speaking more truth to power. Vote the republicans OUT!