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What are some of Japans best kept secrets Quora JPN
What are some of Japan's best kept secrets? - Quora
What are some of Japan's best kept secrets? - Quora
What are some of Japan's best kept secrets? - Quora
The worst you could do would probably be if you were disrespectful towards shrines or temples: don't play with water from the purification basins, ...
Mt. Zao (Yamagata) - Here is one of Japan's most beautiful crater lakes with stunning scenery in all 4 seasons, not to mention hot springs and skiing.
A swath of the city is essentially one big UNESCO World Heritage site. Nobody who goes to Japan ...
If you aren't bothered by spending a bunch of your vacation time on trains, buses or ferries, here are some of my favourites.
... A view from the hotel's mountaintop spa | MANDY BARTOK ...
Street lantern shows and nebuta parade with traditional Japanese dance is awesome. It's quite popular all over Japan, though some places like Kyoto, ...
Narai Juku, Japan
pressure-adjusting tank
There's a booming multi-billion dollar tourism market in Japan. Japanese Prime Minister Abe's push to attract more foreigners before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ...
What are some of Japan's best kept secrets? - Quora
Tokyo is the nation's capital, and the center of modern Japanese culture. As an introvert and history buff, I don't find Tokyo all that enthralling, ...
Kyoto is cocooned in a valley surrounded by rising moutains which protects it. While Tokyo is all about fast-paced life and fast trains, Kyoto is different.
People come and go through the corridors made by these gates (We call it torii 鳥居). Yes, It's popular, and known wide and far. But what they ...
it all began in the 1950s, fearful of a left of center government taking power, the CIA midwifed a merger of two parties to create the LDP .
A Morning in Uji City
When you ever get the opportunity to climb to the top of Mount Fuji, TAKE IT! The views from the top must be better then the view from a distance. 6. Japan ...
Nachi Falls, at 133-meters high, is the biggest waterfall in Japan.
Secret spots in Kyoto which foreign travelers still rarely know but are totally worthy visiting!! Japan's ...
Experience the Authentic Tokyo
Another popular attraction is the red-lacquered Shin-kyō bridge. One of the popular places to visit in Japan, the national park offers scenic mountainous ...
If you ever visit Japan you can catch this scenic moment between these months, where pink pedals are surrounding the environment.
Japan is without a doubt the most kid friendly travel destination we'd ever been to. Clean baby changing rooms are never more than a short walk away.
A protest against racism in Tokyo. Photo: AFP. “
22, 2014, in Kyoto, Japan.
Photo: Julian Ryall
The name of my presentation today is “20 Steps to Working in Japan: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure”. I really, really hate it when presenters read exactly what ...
A former police officer stands on patrol on the sheer cliff of Tojinbo, one of the most known suicide spots in Japan, in 2008.
Here is the list of Top Haunted Destinations in Japan. Check out. 1. Aokigahara Forest
Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel
A poster near the passport control counter of the immigration office at the Narita International airport
Japan's big three telecom operators plan not to use current equipment and upcoming 5G gear from
I have been a Quora user since June of 2016. And ever since I had a young Quora prodigy guide me on how to use Quora — including offer me Tips, ...
When ...
Near Collision Over Japan | Boeing 747 Almost Crash with a DC-10 | Japan Airlines Mid-Air Incident
A Guide to All Areas and Their Accommodations - LIVE JAPAN (Japanese travel, sightseeing and experience guide)
"DOWNFALL"- The Plan for the Invasion of Japan
A Japanese print relating U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry's visit in 1854.
Unreported incidents: Media critic Maki Fukasawa says that less than 10 percent of train groping victims report their attacks. | GETTY IMAGES
An intriguind Chinese legend about the migration of the Yayoi is linked to the great Chinese shaman warrior Hsu Fu. He served the ancient dynasty of Qi and ...
Debito Arudo in front of a Japanese bathhouse with a sign saying 'Japanese Only'
Japan needs more 'unskilled' foreign workers – but they can't bring family
A Japanese real-crime magazine titled 'The Secret Files of Foreigners' Crimes'. Photo: Julian Ryall
Heavy reliance on Seafood / Non-Vegetarian: Being an Indian vegetarian, it can be very difficult to survive in Japan without prior preparations.
A Japanese factory post WW II for 'special procurement' by the UN forces in Korea [2]
The Japanese government's ...
One thing is for certain, an Allied invasion of Japan was not the better alternative. Students in Japan's school's were being taught to use sharpened bamboo ...
Photo: Tokyo Bling
These are unique to Japan and Japan is extremely famous for these structures. One of the most unique reasons to visit Japan!
... you can eat any organ of an animal), Nankotsu (browned chicken ligament) or even curry doughnuts! One of the best reasons to visit Japan- Isn't it?
Japan's one of the most wired countries in the world, with an eyewatering 92 percent of its citizens connected to the web.
Why not throw it in water and just threaten them? This option wouldn't have worked because there were only a couple of nuclear warheads back then and the US ...
Ramen is a popular food in Japan
Japan's Most Terrifying Bridge: Eshima Ohashi ☆ ONLY in JAPAN #33 - YouTube
The aborigins in Japan are Negritos(the D2) who went out of Africa 100,000 years ago and went into Japan during the last ice age.However, they are only very ...
File photo: People entering the grounds at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, 6 April Image caption The souls of Japan's ...
c) TCS Japan: Not purely Japanese but the Japanese branch of an indian company
The hike to Happo pond from Hakuba,there is a village known for its winter skiing amid the mountains of Nagano Prefecture -- is a classic trail in the ...
What are the secrets behind a traditional Japanese Kimono? | You Could Travel
If you'd like to come to Japan, I invite you to find out as much as you can about it.
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Momo from Twice, Japan's top K-pop star: her dance moves, her bangs and the stars she admires
(“Stop making the rest of us look bad, Japan!”
Marriage in JapanI don't
The “Scramble Crossing” is one of the most iconic sights in Japan. This bustling intersection has foot traffic levels of about 2.8 million people.
Soon you start getting into the flow, the followers increase, the upvotes increase and the dopamine levels in your brain shoot up every single day in the ...
What is Japan's claim?
Japan bullet train
Was Japan invaded by a huge army of mounted warriors? The Horse Riders Invasion Theory was first proposed by Egami Namio and Oka Masao.
The oldest temple in Tokyo, Senso-ji was founded in 645. The grounds outside this temple are converted into a market trading Japanese traditional goods and ...
Many had weird fantasies of bumping into a cute girl one fateful morning as she runs to school with a piece of toast in her mouth and getting a waifu.
The radial-design, off-centre Hinomaru. A much better design than the centred radial Hinomaru (Army version), which looks rather like a dartboard: the last ...
The Economist explains
Often called Japan's Machu Pichu, this cloud castle was abandoned by 17th century. Catch a sunrise here with a steaming cup of coffee.
The architecture who designed the building thought it out carefully because of all the natural disaster near the Pacific Ocean. 9. Japan is clean
The third indicates the origins of the Japanese as Yayoi and Jomon admixture, while the Ainu and people from Ryukyu are related because of their common ...
Experience the Authentic Tokyo
China, Japan, and the Twenty-One Demands
Print edition | Briefing
... like these weren't just some of those used to run industries or economic activities, rather they even were responsible for the foreign policy of Japan ...
Butchers were among hundreds of people who received abusive letters in Osaka
Hiroshima:- Hiroshima, located on Honshu Island, is younger than many Japanese cities, less than 500 years old, but its fate was forever sealed in history ...
(Front cover page of one of the actual reports kept at the National Archives and Records Administration, NARA)