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What happens if I leave my lupus untreated Lupus
What happens if I leave my lupus untreated? | Lupus Foundation of America # lupus #lupusawareness #lfa
What happens if I leave my lupus untreated? | Lupus Foundation of America
5 Surprising Facts About Lupus That Many People Don't Know
25 Lupus Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore | PainDoctor.com
If left untreated, lupus is potentially fatal. Lupus can lead to organ damage and failure. Serious conditions that can arise include kidney disease, ...
25 Lupus Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore | PainDoctor.com
Polaroids of Bettinger's feet from her medical files showing some of the damage caused to both
Synonyms, Lupus
Lupus vulgaris
How Cannabis Can Help Manage Lupus
Lupus symptoms - Dr. Axe
What Do You Want To Know About Lupus?
Sandra Bettinger shows a bald patch, as a result of hair loss related to Lupus
What is lupus?
25 Lupus Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore | PainDoctor.com
Eye Health, Ocular Manifestations, & Lupus
Many times lupus goes undiagnosed due to non-specific symptoms of the disease (as any organ can be affected and patients may not have the same symptoms) or ...
Fatigue is a major symptom of several autoimmune diseases. Here are 5 fantastic tips for. Lupus Flare Up · Lupus Flare Symptoms ...
25 Lupus Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore | PainDoctor.com
What can you do to treat it? Lupus ...
lupus life expectancy
5 Things You Need to Know About Lupus
The Sad Reality About Remission with Lupus
FACT: If left untreated, lupus is potentially fatal. Lupus can lead to organ
I had all the classic symptoms of lupus, but doctors told me it was all
What Is Lupus?
Discoid lupus erythematosus
It can be a silent killer and is one of the most complicated autoimmune diseases to diagnose. It can damage any part of the body, from the skin, ...
Discoid lupus on the hands
Image credit: E. Burgess, Lupus
Dry eyes
I suffer from Lupus, RA, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I use many
Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
A Sad Looking Dog Laying On The Floor
September's Topic of the Month – Getting a Diagnosis of Lupus
Preventing a Lupus Flare
Firstly, Discoid Lupus Erythematosus , an autoimmune disease which can eventually lead to squamous cell carcinoma if untreated or secondly a ...
Lupus Flares: Is There Such a Thing as Normal?
How to cope with lupus
Discoid lupus erythematosus on the face.
Study Suggests Causes for Lupus' Impact on Immune System
using sunscreen on the face
Lupus or often called SLE for short is a systemic autoimmune disease. Lupus is a connective tissue disorder.
Therefore, anything that stimulates activity in the immune system can cause a lupus flare. Here is a list of potential flare triggers:
The intense physical pain of Lupus is overshadowed only by the frustration of dealing with a disease no one seems to understand.
Lupus Patients in US, Especially Women, Die at Younger Ages, Study Reports
Lupus and women
What Is Lupus?
The Lupus Research Alliance honors International Women's Day. We recognize that although lupus can affect
People with lupus are waiting more than 6 years for a diagnosis in the UK
Although there are many symptoms, here are some common symptoms of lupus.
Close-up of woman's eyes
Figures 1a & 1b: Initial rash on ear (1a, below left) and
FACT: Advances in research and medications have increased the life expectancy of those battling with lupus.
25 Lupus Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore | PainDoctor.com
discoid lupus
exercise improves lupus symptoms
If you know 185 people, and we bet you do, you know someone with this debilitating auto-immune disease. Help us bring lupus out of the shadows.
Woman suffering from shoulder pain
Recently published results from a LUPUS UK survey have revealed that lupus patients in the UK experience an average delay of 6.4 years between developing ...
Chilblain lupus: red/violaceous patches and papules on the toes. (Courtesy of Bryan Anderson, MD)
lupus brain effects
What is Lupus?
I was about 10 years old when I got diagnosed with It was not that easy to know that I was going to have lupus for the rest of my life.
Picture of Lupus
If you are unable to work because of lupus, you may qualify for Social Security
Several erythematous, edematous, smooth annular or arcuate plaques with no overlying epidermal change.
Lupus, The Disease With A Thousand Faces: Why This Dreadful Disease Continually Goes Undetected and Untreated by the Medical Community: Rick Saldan: ...
The lesions may ultimately develop into disfiguring skin ulcers if left untreated.
Symptoms of Lupus in Men
A historical drawing of lupus erythematosus. The history of SLE can ...
Lupus risk almost three times higher after trauma Post-traumatic stress disorder or any traumatic experience could increase the risk of lupus by almost ...
Raynaud's Phenomenon